Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Freewheelin Video posted to YouTube

The hits just keep on coming. Fireside Production, a Denver-based production company, showed up unannounced at our Museum station yesterday and asked if they could do some filming. Being shameless publicity hounds, we said, "well, all right - if you must." They did . . . and the results are terrific.

It turns out that there are a lot of people for whom our message about health and sustainability really resonates. If people are wondering what the heck a health company is doing running a bicycle program, send them this video!


kerry said...

Hey, I'm a reporter with a newspaper in New Zealand (of all places) and we are keen to do a story on Freewheelin at the convention, and in particular, Kiwi Grant Harrison. Do you happen to have a photograph of Grant, hopefully with a bike? I've spoken to Grant so have words but no pictures...Thanks!

Freewheelin said...

I sure do. Call me at 502-550-6817 to give me instructions where to send. Also check our photostream on flickr; we have a group called freewheelin you can join and there are several pictures of Grant on - and with - bicycles.

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