Saturday, August 30, 2008

Freewheelin's Triumphant Entry to Minneapolis/St. Paul

Mayor Rybak leads the freewheelin movement into the Twin Cities
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Mayor R.T. Rybak led a group of 150 bikers into Minneapolis today to celebrate the arrival of freewheelin. There's a friendly competition now underway between the Twin Cities and Denver, which hosted the Democratic National Convention last week.

Back on July 24, 4 US congressmen - Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, James Oberstar of Minnesota, Thomas Petri of Wisconson and Zach Wamp of Tennessee challenged convention delegates to take 10,000 rides covering 25,000 miles . . . a tall order for 8 days! However, Denver rose to the challenge, taking 5,522 rides for 26,493 miles!

That's a high bar to be sure, but Mayor Rybak is seriously committed to bikesharing in the Twin Cities, and will have his citizens ready to roll - literally!

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