Monday, August 18, 2008

Facebook Page

We are go on the Facebook front. In a major step attempting to integrate all branches of social media we're involved in we've developed the idea of the the freewheelin community. For now, the Facebook page will be our hub. Soon enough though, we'll have our own freewheelin community page. The convention is coming up really soon, so please go to our website and pre-register to go on a ride with us. Together we can make more people aware of the rights of cyclists and the benefits of healthy living. Start by joining our Facebook fan page!

Our Public Facebook Fan Page

Our bikes are being built right now...we're getting close to 1000 in Denver. 1000 more are coming to Minneapolis. Photo by Matthew Staver


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Briang said...

You guys should look into Plaxo as a contact management site. They also tie into a lot of other sites, so that might help give you direction on expanding your voice.

Just an idea.

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