Saturday, August 23, 2008

Check out the NEWS!

Convention Center Station is fully stocked
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Two major updates for all you freewheelin followers out there. First, PR firm COYNE has set up a very cool summary site for anyone interested in writing about Freewheelin. It has lots of good information, media, and quotes. Check that out here:

Second, and in my opinion of ultimate coolness, the Freewheelin COMMUNITY page is live. This is where you can check out our live video streams from the conventions, our twitter and blog feeds, links to all the rest of our social media, youtube videos, flickr pictures, and more. Very importantly, there is a button near the bottom that takes you to instructions on how to contribute to our goal of envisioning the collective freewheelin experience and sharing that with the world. We want EVERYONE to know how awesome bike sharing can be and you, on the ground, riding the bikes, taking photos and videos, can get us there. Go to for all of this. Thanks!

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Drew said...

Can't wait until it starts! I'll be there.

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