Sunday, August 31, 2008

Freewheelin commits donations to support Hurricane Gustav victims

Freewheelin to donate $10 for each mile ridden on a freewheelin bike during the Republican National Convention, September 1-4, 2008

It's amazing how fast the world can change. A few days ago, we were riding high on the strength of our fantastic reception in Denver, where freewheelin riders took over 5,500 rides for over 26,000 miles. Today, our eyes have turned to the gulf coast, where Hurricane Gustav is threatening.

Freewheelin is all about doing good . . . for our bodies, our communities and our planet. And now it's about doing good for those who have already been victimized by Gustav - forced to leave their homes and possessions behind as many gulf coast communities are evacuated.

So we're donating $10 for every mile ridden on a freewheelin bike here in Minneapolis/St. Paul during the RNC. If we can ride as many miles here as we did in Denver, that's going to be a lot of help!

Keep watching this space for other ways to participate . . .

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