Monday, December 29, 2008

Play the Freewheelin Cycle Challenge Game!

Freewheelin and Humana Games for Health have partnered up to bring you the Freewheelin cycle challenge. This flash based game is hosted on the Humana Games homepage. It teaches you about health and fitness and encourages everyone to bike and eat right. The game will see upgrades as the year progresses so please come back to visit again later. Enjoy the game!

Find the Freewheelin Cycle Challenge Here!

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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We Won!

Another thank you is in order—thank you to everyone who voted for Freewheelin in the 2009 We Media Game Changers Award competition. We won! This is what they had to say about us:

Freewheelin’ for demonstrating that the Internet is not just something on your screen. Humana’s program challenges the fundamental assumption that health insurance is only for after-the-fact-care, and redefines it as a partnership in preventative care and holistic health. Its suite of digital tie-ins helps translate the ambiguous ‘whole health’ benefits of biking into tangible results that spur people to long-term commitment.

Other winners include Twitter, SocialVibe, and David Plouffe of the Obama campaign to mention a few. We Media will present the award at their February conference, and you can bet that we’ll be there in all our swag. From their website:

The awards are organized and administered by iFOCOS, the media think tank and futures lab that organizes the We Media conferences and global membership community. The awards highlight achievements through transformational communications methods, novel business models, significant social impact, innovative design and powerful visions of media for the connected culture. More about the awards at:

Thank you so much for voting! Way to go!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thank you Freewheelin Volunteers

Last night the volunteers who ran Freewheelin at the conventions gathered in Louisville, Kentucky to commemorate our efforts this past year. Tim Blumenthal of Bikes Belong and Mike McCallister of Humana were present to thank the volunteers for making the program a success. Freewheelin has a bright future and we would like to take another opportunity to thank all those who made it happen. Thank you! We recently asked our twitter followers why they like to bike and were treated with the following responses:

@naimul It makes me feel the wind in my hair, while I still have it.

@MamaMtnBike I like to bike because it's fun, it relaxes me, keeps me in shape, it's social, I could go on and on...

@Human_After_All First it was transportation, then fitness, then with friends just having fun

@cyclelicious I like to bike because it feels good. I think I'm addicted to cycling

@GenKreton Bikinghelps me sleep better, keeps me in shape, it saves commute time in versus public transit, and most importantly, it's FUN.

@RatherBeBiking because it's fast & fun

@rickmurray it's an amazing cardio workout, it relieves stress and it's a great way to kick start the say

@dirkmshaw I like bikes bc it allows me to set and meet discrete goals, keeps me physically & mentally fit,scenery and carbon!

@thebikediva Because I can keep up with and even beat a lot of the boys when I'm riding my road bike, and I like to go FAST!

@kathilc I like to bike because of the physical and mental workout great friends to ride with and better for the environment I would ride my bike everywhere if I could! how can we make it safe to comingle with cars?

And that is just a sample. If you'd like to respond, please join us on twitter at We would love to hear why you like to bike.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Holidays!

You may notice some snow flying around our page. This is intentional. Look closely.

If you're looking for gift ideas try these great pant leg clips for biking fun.

You can find them here: The MOMA Store

We here at Freewheelin wish you the Happiest of Holidays. Keep biking!

Snow Effect